EPBP (European PET Bottle Platform) is enlarging and strengthening its competences




EPBP (European PET Bottle Platform) is enlarging and strengthening its competences


Since more than 15 years, the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) is playing a significant role in providing Design Guidelines for Recycling (DfR) and Evaluating PET bottle packaging innovative solutions and technologies on quality of recycled PET.


EPBP unique offer is based on its expertise in PET food grade materials and its behavior in a circular economy.

EPBP is very committed to improving its organization and its expertise, looking at opportunities in updating the Design Guidelines.


A group of technical experts across the value chain provides independent and confidential assessments based on established design guidelines for recycling, new developed test procedures and quick tests through authorized external laboratories.


UNESDA, NMWE and Petcore Europe are the founding members and the pillars of EPBP


Petcore Europe, the voice of the whole PET value chain, brings into EPBP, with its reps, all needed value chain expertise from PET production to PET collection and recycling.


Petcore Europe, striving to continuous improvement and development, is very glad to announce the participation in EPBP Technical Committee of Robert Siegl from Alpla, as a Petcore Europe delegate.

As an industry expert Mr. Siegl is bringing significant recycling and converting experience and will offer a great contribution enlarging and strengthening the competences in EPBP Technical Committee.


EPBP is an initiative that for more than 15 years has been fully supporting a circular economy for the European PET value chain. It provides PET bottle design guidelines for recycling, evaluates PET bottle packaging solutions and technologies as well as facilitates understanding of the effects of new PET bottle innovations on recycling processes.  https://www.epbp.org/                                                                                 


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