Platform Members

The European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) is a voluntary initiative, grouping technical experts in the field of PET production, design and recycling; together, they aim to provide an objective evaluation of new technologies and an independent assessment of their impact on PET recycling processes across Europe.

This initiative is supported by:

  • Natural Mineral Waters Europe (NMWE)

    Natural Mineral Waters Europe was founded in 2003 as a non-profit trade association to represent the interests of European natural mineral and spring water producers. Our members are both companies and national associations which bring together over 550 bottlers across Europe. NMWE works closely with European and international institutions which regulate natural mineral and spring water, including the European Commission and the Codex Alimentarius, where NMWE has observer status as an NGO.

  • Petcore Europe

    Petcore Europe is a non-profit European trade association based in Brussels. Petcore-Europe‘s mission is to ensure that the PET industry and its associations are aligned to deliver increased value and sustainable growth in the PET value chain, to ensure that PET is positioned and recognized as an environmentally sustainable packaging material, to validate and support innovative packaging solutions from a recycling perspective, and to work with relevant parties to ensure sustainable growth for post-consumer PET collection and the recycling of PET to meet the needs of the value chain.


    UNESDA is the European non-alcoholic beverages association. Our primary role is to support the increased acceptance, growth and development of non-alcoholic beverages. UNESDA was founded in 1958. The creation of the European Economic Community, and its plans to harmonise the laws affecting non-alcoholic beverages, led to the need for a special body to provide technical expertise on such legislation. The members of UNESDA are the national non-alcoholic beverages associations of the European Union and company members who conduct business in at least five EU Member States.