Multi-Colour Corporation’s shrink sleeves receive a common approval from RecyClass and EPBP




Following the partnership established in 2022 between European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) and RecyClass, the first joint approval was issued to MultiColor Corporation (MCC) technologies – ‘RecycLABEL® Floatable SSL Flexo F779752’ & ‘RecycLABEL® Floatable SSL Gravure 40951’.

The tested technologies are printed shrink sleeves and the analysis consisted of evaluating the effects of inks and the shrinkage on the PET recycling process. The use of shrink sleeves eliminates the need for adhesives, which are among the main design for recycling concerns for PET bottles.

Independent testing was carried out by Plastic Technologies Inc. (PTI), in line with the EPBP’s quick test procedures for bleeding inks and for separation by density. Results show that the two technologies are fully compatible with the PET recycling stream in Europe, given that the coverage of the sleeves should not exceed 70% for bottles of 500 ml and above; and not more than 50% for bottles smaller than 500 ml. The limitation tied to the size is important to safeguard the efficiency of the sorting of clear PET bottles.

With this Approval, the industry gains momentum in accelerating the uptake of design for recycling principles, even when it comes to the use of decoration technologies in plastic packaging. With shared knowledge, this transition is set to continue and contribute greatly toward the achievement of the targets as stated in the proposal for the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive.


About RecyClass

RecyClass is a non-profit, cross-industry initiative advancing recyclability, bringing transparency to the origin of plastic waste and establishing a harmonized approach toward recycled plastic calculation & traceability in Europe. RecyClass develops Recyclability Evaluation Protocols and scientific testing methods for innovative plastic packaging materials which serve as the base for the Design for Recycling Guidelines and the RecyClass Online Tool. RecyClass established Recyclability Certifications for plastic packaging, Recycling Process Certification and Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification for plastic products.


RecyClass – Plastic Future is Circular

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About EPBP

The European PET Bottles Platform EPBP is a voluntary industry initiative that provides PET bottle design guidelines for recycling, evaluates bottle packaging solutions and technologies, and facilitates understanding of the effects of new PET bottles innovations on recycling process. The EPBP initiative fully supports the economic and Environmental sustainability of the European PET value chain.

Contact::  Argiris.dabanlis@petcore-europe.org, www.epbp.org/


About Multi-Colour Corporation

Multi-Color Corporation is a global leader in label solutions, providing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to some of the world's most recognizable brands. MCC is committed to delivering the world's best label solutions for their customers to build their brands and add value to the communities in which they operate. Multi-Color Corporation delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions to customers across a wide range of industries.
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The full list of conditions can be found in the Approval Letters: MCC ‘RecycLABEL® Floatable SSL Flexo F779752’ and MCC ‘RecycLABEL® Floatable SSL Gravure 40951  (https://www.epbp.org/page/8/layout-link-5-downloads)

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